domingo, 28 de julio de 2013

Karel Jaromír Erben

The Noon *

The bench child cost,
a full-throated screaming.
"Bodejž're just a little bit,
the Gypsies, were silent!

Noon at the same moment,
Dad comes from robots:
me and fades with cooking
for you, you naughty, you!

Shut up! Behold hussar and buggy -
Play it! - Here you cock! "-
Before the cock, car and Husárek
Bouch, boom! flies into a corner

Come for his, the Midday,
Come on, take it wicked! "-
And behold, there someon in the room
unlocked the door gently.

Small, brown, wild face
under headcloth person;
the berličce, crooked legs,
voice - a whirlwind experience!

"" Give me a child! '"-" Good Lord!
forgive the sins of the sinner! "
Div that the death of her neovane,
lo there shall - Midday!

The table is creeping quietly
Midday like a shadow:
mother horror barely breathe,
chopíc child on your lap.

And, winding them back views -
Already ztahuje after hand -
mother clutching her shoulders:
"For Christ's dear
dropping out of his senses.

Then hear: one - the second to third
noon bell strikes;
handle clicked, the door flies -
Dad walks in the door.

In the faint mother lies,
the child hold in arms
mother wake up more difficult,
but the child - be choked.Woe, woe baby!
Midday is creeping closer
closer - and this is the next
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